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Cisco nexus 7009 overview ... provide parallel fabric channels to each I/O and supervisor module slot - Up to five simultaneously active fabric modules work together delivering up to 230 Gbps per slot 46 Gbps per slot per fabric ( 46*5 fabric = 230 Gbps per slot ) - 46 is for fabric 1 , in fabric 2 its 110 per slot - With 550G per slot, scales ...

Overview The Cisco Nexus core switch platform includes the 7000 series switches and the newer 7700 series switches. The 7000 series switches are comprised of the 7004 (4 slot), 7006 (6 slot), 7009 (9 slot), 7010 (10 slot) and 7018 (18 slot). The Cisco Nexus switches - Wikipedia The Cisco Nexus Series switches are modular and fixed port network switches designed for the data center. Cisco Systems introduced the Nexus Series of switches on January 28, 2008. The first chassis in the Nexus 7000 family is a 10-slot chassis with two supervisor engine slots and eight I/O module slots at the front, as well as five crossbar switch fabric modules at the rear. Cisco Nexus 7009 Series Switch Chassis - CCNA Data Center ... Cisco Nexus 7009 Series Switch Chassis. The Cisco Nexus 7009 switch chassis shown in Figure 2-15 has two supervisor module slots and seven I/O module slots; the complete specification for the Nexus 7009 is shown in Table 2-5.The Nexus 7009 switch has a single fan tray. The fan redundancy is two parts: individual fans in the fan tray and fan tray controllers. cisco Nexus7000 C7009 (9 Slot) Chassis ("Supervisor Module-2") 1. In case of redundant supervisor, You can switchover to standby supervisor. 2. This seems to be your standby SUP or you can reload sup. 3. open TAC case for any bug.

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Networklearner: August 2014 - Answer:- 7004 , 7009 , 7010 and 7018 2. Is 7004 supports all Fabric Modules? Answer:- No, Fabric module is not present in 7004 whereas all other Nexus 7K needs fabric module to work. 3. In 7k, Can we use supervisor slot for line cards? Answer :- No, we cannot use supervisor slots for line card. 4. Is Sup-1 supported in all 7k models? N7K-C7009 - Nexus Series - Switches - Cisco - MULTI-LINK Pre-owned, used and refurbished Cisco N7K-C7009. Designed to combine operational flexibility with unparalleled levels of scalability, the Cisco N7K-C7009 9-slot chassis is equipped with a fabric architecture that scales beyond 17 terabits per second (Tbps).

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The Cisco Nexus 7000 Series switch has one or two supervisor modules. ... Supervisor 1 modules are supported by the Cisco 7009, 7010, and 7018 ... Module-1 refers to the supervisor module in slot 1. Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Hardware Installation and Reference Guide ... A replacement supervisor .... 6 on the Cisco Nexus 7010 chassis or slot 9 ... Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Hardware Installation and Reference Guide ...

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So you can mix any of the modules here like you can mix F or M modules in 8 Slots of Cisco Nexus 7010 Switch. Other 2 modules are dedicated for Supervisor  ... Cisco Nexus 7000 9-Slot Switch - Cisco Small Form Factor, High Performance. Scale beyond 8 terabits per second (Tbps) with the Cisco Nexus 7000 9-Slot Switch. Featuring a small form factor, high ... Cisco Nexus 7000 9-Slot Switch - Cisco Nexus 7000 9-Slot Switch: Access product specifications ... Annonce d’arrêt de commercialisation et de fin de vie de Cisco Nexus 7000 Supervisor 1 8GB Memory ...